Welcome to the Quill and Pen Society. We are a collection of writers, readers and people who are quite fond of the written word who all work together to support others in the community. You can find here a collection of links to resources to make the writing process easier: word processing tools, editing tools, editors, marketing advice, social media advice, publishing tools and services, writing classes, useful information, connections with beta readers and ARC reviewers, and just about anything else that we can think of.

This site will also feature weekly book reviews, from books of both the traditional and independent variety in just about any genre. If you have a book that you would like to be reviewed, please let us know.

We are trying to make the Quill and Pen Society a place where people can come to find information and help, with as little hassle as possible. We also want QUIPS to be a place where community is fostered and we help our own careers by helping the careers of others.

If you find our mission useful, please consider sharing your experience and letting us know of anything that could be done to improve this site.