QUIPS is a website dedicated to stories, curated by Evelyn Grimald Stone. You can find book reviews, story and language analysis, and editing services here, all under the appropriate tabs.

Evelyn Grimald Stone is a linguist and professional author who publishes under the names E.G. Stone, for science fiction and fantasy, and Evelyn Grimald, for romance. She has a MSc in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, brought about because of her love for language in all its forms as well as a need to at least pretend to practicality. (Which may or may not have worked. We are still unsure.) Apart from swooning over such things as the Oxford Comma debate and the invention of conlangs, Evelyn has a fascination for all things story-related. These, as well as a long-seated desire to write books, led her to start writing stories for a living.

Apart from her several books–and plans for many more–Evelyn has decided to put her love for the science and art of language to use and offer editing services. With a thorough knowledge of the construction of several languages, an understanding of how people use language in differing circumstances, and a continued love for reading and stories, she feels she might be useful to authors. This spurred the idea for creating the Quill and Pen Society, where she might share her love of stories with anyone who wishes to drop by.

After all, stories allow us to experience something more than magical. They allow us to experience the world, our world, through the eyes of someone else. And that deserves all the lauds one can offer.