For many Indie Authors, actually getting the book out there is almost secondary to getting it written and edited. However, there is a fair amount that goes into publishing books, even independently, that can be just as important for making an impact with your book. These things include formatting of your book, creating a professional cover for your book, as well as dealing with all the ins and outs of ISBN registration, copyright, and all the little fiddly bits that make a book.



Book Formatting


Reedsy is a free writing tool that allows you to write, edit and export a professional-looking formatted file. You can collaborate with multiple people (say, editors) on a document and it will export it into a PDF or epub file using Blurb.

$249 (Paperback and ebook package)

Vellum is a Mac based tool that formats ebooks and print books. You can use Vellum to assemble a box set or a series with similar designs. It formats page numbers, margins and the like automatically. 

Cover Design

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Publishing Your Book

Free (taken out of royalties)

Going exclusive with Amazon KDP means that your e-book is published and distributed only through Amazon. The exclusivity lasts for a decent amount of time (a couple of years, last I saw, but this may change). Doing this means you are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. You get paid based on the number of pages read rather than units sold.

Free (fee taken from royalties)

You can publish all forms of your book through Amazon (creating hardback, paperback, audiobook, etc. copies through another distributor like IngramSpark still allows you to sell through Amazon). You will earn money based on units sold. Amazon will allow you to do adverts, even if you are not exclusive.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Free (portion of royalties)/Subscription (monthly)

PublishDrive is a service that helps you publish your ebooks on a multitude of sites, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It helps you format and publish your book, but is specifically designed for ebooks. It has two different pricing options, a royalties option and a monthly subscription option, based on how much you plan on selling each month. You can change your pricing scheme at any time.

This is a self-publishin platform that helps you format your books, as well as distributes them to many major suppliers. They charge no fees for formatting, but do take a 10% royalty from sales.


Coming Soon

Portion of royalties

Pay narrator per finished hour

More information coming soon


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