Publishing Resources

Publishing Resources

For many Indie Authors, actually getting the book out there is almost secondary to getting it written and edited. However, there is a fair amount that goes into publishing books, even independently, that can be just as important for making an impact with your book. These things include formatting of your book, creating a professional cover for your book, as well as dealing with all the ins and outs of ISBN registration, copyright, and all the little fiddly bits that make a book.

Book Formatting Resources:

Reedsy is a free writing tool that allows you to write, edit and export a professional-looking formatted file. You can collaborate with multiple people (say, editors) on a document and it will export it into a PDF or epub file using Blurb.

Vellum is a Mac based tool that formats ebooks and print books. You can use Vellum to assemble a box set or a series with similar designs. It formats page numbers, margins and the like automatically. However, Vellum is not free and costs $249 for the ebook and paperback book package.

PublishDrive is a service that helps you publish your ebooks on a multitude of sites, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It helps you format and publish your book, but is specifically designed for ebooks. It has two different pricing options, a royalties option and a monthly subscription option, based on how much you plan on selling each month. You can change your pricing scheme at any time.

Cover Design Resources:

Publishing Details:

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