“I have burned through editors!

I write in a very niche genre which most editors find a nightmare to polish; sentence fragments, bad coma use, dialogue that’s technically wrong but sounds right; all of it! E.G. took my (admittedly good) jumble of words and polished them into a masterpiece. She was quick, gave great notes, told me when I was “technically” correct but showed me other options that would make it an easier read, stuff I could not have stumbled upon on my own. She not charging half what she should be! I’ll wait to release my novel before I go to another editor, seriously. She’s the best!” – Alexzander Christion

“E.G. is a joy to work with. She is kind, has an eagle eye, an experienced sense for things, and she knows writing. When I give her an editing project, I know it’s in good hands.” – F.T. McKinstry