Types of Editing

There are several different types of editing and you may need all or only one type for your particular story. Look at the following list and you can decide which will help you most:

  1. Developmental edit
    This is the edit for when you need help tying story together. This looks at what works and what doesn’t work in the novel on a plot or character basis and helps you change the problems into solutions. This does not look at language, at grammar, punctuation or other small problems.
  2. Copy/Line editing
    This type of editing looks at the paragraph and line level of the novel, helping to craft sentences into their best form. This edit looks at the language, the grammar, even the punctuation (though that can sometimes be left for proofreading). The point of the copy and line edit is to make sure that the style is consistent, the language flows, everything make sense logically from paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence. This can also look for inconsistencies that might appear throughout the story (e.g. a green shirt turning blue).
  3. Proofreading
    This is the edit for when you have your story and language down and want to focus simply on the spelling and punctuation. This is meant to make the smoothest read and get rid of all of those niggling little mistakes. Often, this is the last edit.

What I Offer

Now that you have an idea of what sort of editing is possible, here is what I offer:

Sample edit: The first chapter or 1.5K words of your book will be edited for free, so I can get an idea of what sort of style of writing you have, which will help me determine the sort of editing I would recommend. This will also help you get an idea of whether my edits will suit you or not. You are under no obligation to use my services following the free edit!

General Note about Prices: Payment plans are always available, no questions asked. If something seems outside your budget, just let me know! My goal is to work with authors who need the services, regardless of where you are financially, and I am absolutely willing to help. New clients always get a 15% discount, and referrals also earn a 15% discount.

Editing is also available priced per word if only one type of editing (proof, copy/line, developmental) is desired.

Packages: These packages are good for any project from between 50k-100k words. The packages require a 20% deposit, and are available for payment plans. Please contact me for shorter or longer pieces to determine prices.

Full Service: $1250

This package includes a developmental and copy/line edit, as well as a separate proofreading pass once the mansucript has been edited by the author. This also includes “reader reactions” (a record of my reactions as a reader throughout the manuscript as well as a short manuscript critique as would appear in a book review) and a free blurb edit.

General Service: $1000

This package includes a copy/line edit, primary proofread, and a separate proofread pass once the edits have been applied by the author. This also includes “reader reactions” (including review-style critique) and a free blurb edit.

Basic Service: $800

This package includes a copy/line edit and a primary proofread pass. This also includes a general manuscript critique.

Just the Proofread: $500

Only a proofread. A general manuscript critique is available upon request for no extra charge.