Who am I, and What do I Offer?

My Services

One of the things that can often be really difficult when trying to get your book ready for publication is finding an editor. There are many editors out there and finding the right one, to do what you need, can be quite a challenge. I hope that you’ll consider me and that we can work together to make your story something for the memory of the ages. It would be my absolute honour.

I am primarily a fantasy book editor, including all the sub-genres (such as epic, noble bright, grimdark, romantic, paranormal/paranormal romance, shifter, urban and more). I also edit sci-fi and romance.

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A little about my qualifications:

I am a devoted linguist. I have a MSc in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. Linguistics is the science of taking language (all language) to pieces, analysing the smallest elements, putting everything back together, and then seeing how people use that language. We look at things like syntax or grammar, semantics or meaning, pragmatics or use, and more. I choose to apply my love of language to stories, helping to craft them so they can shine.

I am also an avid reader. I read, on average, some 250+ books a year. These aren’t just books of 15k words, but full-length pieces in every genre. I review many of these books, too. (Many of my book reviews are in fantasy at the moment, but that is because writers of fantasy happened to get on my list a while back.) This extensive reading means that I know the common traps that writers fall into. I know what works well in a story and I know what will make your characters fight harder. I love reading, and if that can help others, than I am thrilled to offer my services.

As a writer, myself, I know just how difficult it can be to spend money on an editor. I promise, though, we do help. And if you have any difficulties with my work, I will work with you to try and improve and fix what needs fixing.

My job is not to change your book from your original idea, or to alter your unique style, but to make sure that your story and your words shine to their fullest potential. If you are interested in anything that I have to offer, please reach out! It would be my absolute honour to help authors make their stories something remarkable.