Book Review: Into the Black by Adam Gaffen

I like sci-fi. It makes so much sense and yet still manages to be so far beyond us. Will we get to that point? Who knows! Anyways, it’s good to be back in the wide world of Adam Gaffen’s Cassidyverse with this series of short stories, Into the Black.

1. Thoughts on the…plots

I like all the stories. They generally follow chronologically in the Cassidyverse. I think each one is well thought out and fits perfectly with the short story model. I was a bit lost on some of them since I haven’t read all the books in the Cassidyverse, however, if you just treat them as interesting stories and don’t worry about the intimate details of people’s family, you get along just fine. Especially the further into the stories you get.

All of them were very good plots.

2. Thoughts on the characters

I like the diverse cast of characters just as much as I like the diverse cast of problems. I think all the characters are fun, have spunk, and are entertaining to read. It can sometimes be difficult to dive deep into character personalities in short story form, so these did a good job in making the characters seem real and interesting in the short time allotted.

3. Favourite part

Murder on the Missouri was my favourite story, probably because I’m a sucker for a good PI/Investigative story, especially when mixed with other genres.

4. Critique

I didn’t really have any critiques for this collection. It’s rare that I enjoy all the stories in a collection like this one, but I did, so…no critiques from me.

Overall, I would say that Into the Black was a very fun, entertaining adventure. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Excellent collection of stories.