Book Review: The Gifts of Pandora by Matt Larkin

There are some authors out there who, when they have books for you to read, demand all your attention. You then stumble back into the world a little bleary-eyed, but so much the better for it. Matt Larkin’s books have this effect. Always. 

1. Thoughts on the plot

The Gifts of Pandora is the first book in the Tapestries of Fate series, which I just realised is a prequel series to the Gods of the Ragnarok Era series (did I think otherwise literally the whole book? Pffff). No matter what order you read the series in, I can say that the books will not disappoint. This book follows Pandora as she navigates a world ruled by Titans and Olympians, not all of whom take into account the Men around them. Oppressed, especially as a woman, Pandora tries to survive. But when an encounter with the Oracle Prometheus brings about a series of events that are ordained by Fate, Pandora does whatever she can to change it. Including stepping through time.

This book is fascinating in the way that it combines some of the stories that are familiar about the Greek gods, and makes them entirely different, yet recognisable. Stories weave together to create a tapestry, if you will, of events that will change the world. I really can’t say a whole lot about the plot, because a) spoilers and b) everything is so well woven together that it’s impossible to talk about without a) spoilers. All I can say is that it was definitely fascinating, entertaining, and twisty!

2. Thoughts on the characters

Now, I’ve read several other of Matt Larkin’s books, and have some theories on the interweavings of the characters. One character in particular. And I am gratified to say that I am correct. Of course, I shall say nothing on that matter because, a) spoilers.

All the characters, though, have a depth that is hard to find in other books. I like the history of the characters, their personality, the way that they interact. It’s all fascinating, and whether I liked the character as a person or not, I was eager to read more. A difficult feat when recrafting familiar legends.

3. Favourite part

Having my theories confirmed. I am ridiculously pleased that I managed to piece some of the interweavings together.

4. Critique 

Frankly, my only critique is that it ended. I must, as such, immediately go out and read the next book.

Overall, you cannot possibly go wrong with any of Matt Larkin’s books, but The Gifts of Pandora is a great place to start. Be prepared, though. Once you delve into this world, it’s really hard to pull yourself out. Excellent read!