Book Review: A Peddler of Chains by Allegra Pescatore and E Sands

I will say, before I even get into the proper review, that once I finished this book, I was up for several hours just running it over in my brain. If I’d had a physical copy, I would have chucked it across the room, because the authors just took my heart and ripped it out. Why would you do that?! I loved it.

Okay, on to the review.

1. Thoughts on the plot

A Peddler of Chains is the second book in the Mountain Fell series, so there are some details that you absolutely need to read book one for (which is also fantastic). But this book follows Willow of Herb as he tries to hunt down the infamous Asherah the Red, a warrior from the other side in the long-ended War that has been his obsession for years. But once he finds Ash, she claims that she isn’t the person he’s looking for. They both have to relive and forgive terrible things, all while discovering why it is, exactly, that they can’t seem to leave each other’s thoughts.

Okay, that’s a poor description for how twisty and imaginative this book is. It’s definitely dark, with some very intense scenes, but the plot itself was just…my goodness. Every time I thought that things couldn’t possibly get more dramatic, more intense, they DID! By the ending, I was engrossed and so sad that it was over. 

2. Thoughts on the characters

Ash and Willow are so very interesting. They’re not my normal favourites for character archetypes (the big bad warrior, that is) but I was fascinated with their depth and development. I really enjoyed the banter, and the way they looked out for each other? Yep. 

All the other characters, too, were quite fascinating in their own way. I really loved Maeve in this, probably because I wasn’t sure whether to throttle her or thank her. I think the way it was depicted was fantastic, and I was rooting for her at the very end. 

I want to know more about everybody! Except Moss. He can stuff it.

3. Favourite part

That ending! My goodness, can you bring any more drama to the table?

4. Critique

My only critique is that it ended, and now I have to wait for the next book. Harumph.

Overall, A Peddler of Chains is an excellent book, designed for really getting into your head and taking over your thoughts. I would highly recommend this book.