Book Review: Vorodin’s Lair by JV Hilliard

I love sequels to really good books. The possibilities are vast, and the opportunity to learn more about the characters I grew to really love are impossible to deny. So, when I got the chance to read Vorodin’s Lair, the second book in J.V. Hilliard’s Warminster series, I was excited. Really, really excited. And I was not disappointed.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book picks up where the last one left off. Our hero, Daemus, is fleeing for his life again, but this time with several good friends at his side, and a purpose instead of random hope leading him. There are also problems awaiting Monty as his family tries to wrestle with the fact that their kingdom will soon be at war. Not to mention the looming threat Greytorris still poses. 

As you might expect from an epic fantasy, the plot was twisty. And dramatic. There was a lot going on, which could be overwhelming, but was definitely not. I think the distribution of character pov chapters in this book was not as well distributed as the previous book, but the plot managed to be clear and detailed nonetheless. I really enjoyed it. Also, the ending!

2. Thoughts on the characters

It was really nice to see these characters again. I love the depth that these characters manage to have, even in only a few chapters. They’re all fascinating and so very different. I think that some of the characters could have used a bit more screen time, as it were, but overall, the distribution was pretty good. I do have to wonder at some of the Keepers, though. Are they truly that daft?

3. Favourite part

The drama. This book really had no shortage of it. Just when I thought things were going to even out, that there had to be some down time, nope! Let’s make it worse! 

4. Critique

I haven’t really got a major critique for this book. There was just so much to entertain, and I really enjoyed myself. Of course, the book ended on a cliffhanger, so there is the urge to throw things until the next instalment is available, but I can’t really call that a critique…

Overall, I would say that Vorodin’s Lair was a fascinating, entertaining sequel and I am eagerly awaiting book the third. An excellent book.