Book Review: The House of Prophecy by Glen Dahlgren

So many series end when the wrold changes and prophecy has taken shape. It was fascinating, then to see Glen Dahlgren’s House of Prophecy, which takes place after the momentous Child of Chaos, and deals with the aftermath of what is, essentially, the end of the world as it is known.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book follows Galen as he tries to heal his mother, Lorre, after she fulfilled prophecy and released Chaos into the world. He has allies in Myra, his sister and the high priestess of Charity, Dantess, a former priest of War, and Gusset, his longtime friend. As well as new characters in the form of the Harbringers of Chaos, who are taking advantage of the new world order to establish themselves. Only, not everything is as it seems and it turns out that there is more to the prophecy that Lorre broke than anyone could know.

I really liked this plot. It had all the elements that make a really good story while also being unique and creative. I really enjoyed the quest for prophecy as well as the fact that most of the plot really had to do with character interactions as much as outside events. Also, that ending! The drama!

2. Thoughts on the characters

Most of these characters were familiar from book one, and the prequel novel, A Game of War, featuring Dantess and his cohorts. It was really nice to see all the characters again, especially in their new roles after the events of book one. I really liked the changes that took place, as well as how they continued to adapt and change. I think that the new characters were perhaps a bit less real for me than the others, simply by virtue of lack of detail, lack of information about their past or their beliefs or the grounding forces. Granted, this is normal given that they are new characters, but I would have liked a little more, especially regarding Eve.

3. Favourite part

That ending! Oh my goodness!

4. Critique

I don’t have any major critiques for this book, except that I want to know more about some of the new characters. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next book for that!

Overall, I would say that House of Prophecy is an excellent sequel to Child of Chaos and I am really excited for the next book. Perhaps too excited, but that ending was dramatic enough to have me throwing the book into the air. Or, well, I would have done if I weren’t reading electronically.