Book Review: Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

Every now and again, I’m in the mood for a fun, adventurous shifter romance, and Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross was definitely one of those.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book is definitely primarily a romance. It follows Evie, a witch and Hex-breaker, and Mateo, a werewolf who has been hexed so he can’t shift. He goes to her for help, sparks fly, they spend more time together and, and, and. There are a few elements here that could be considered “mystery”, such as who spelled Mateo, why, and how to fix it, but those take a back seat to the primary romance.

I will say that I liked the romance a lot. It was fun and just what I was looking for in a more comedic style shifter romance. Some of the obstacles to Evie and Mateo didn’t really feel like obstacles, and felt like they were put there as almost as cursory plot points, like the fact that Evie wasn’t really supposed to be associating with a werewolf. That was solved almost immediately, with no difficulty, and that’s fine, but then why bother putting it in to begin with? Otherwise, I’d say the story was nice.

2. Thoughts on the characters

It’s always a bit tricky when you’re dealing with a series that follows multiple characters, as they usually all appear in all the books and can sometimes overwhelm the story. In this instance, Evie has several sisters and their personalities were a little muddied at first. I really like Evie, though, and Mateo was an absolutely wonderful hero to the story. The other characters felt a little like throw away characters, even the antagonist who spelled Mateo in the first place. Still, it’s a romance, so I didn’t mind.

3. Favourite part

Date night! That was so thoughtful and sweet. Loved it!

4. Critique

Again, this book is a romance, but if you’re going to include any elements of other genres, do them justice. In this instance, there is somewhat of a mystery surrounding who spelled Mateo, but there were no real clues, the investigation was more cursory and romantic plot moving than helpful, and the solution was fast and a bit easy. A great romance, not so much on the mystery side of things.

Overall, I would say that Wolf Gone Wild was a fun book, and it made me happy, so I say very good to that.