Book Review: Divinity’s Twilight: Remnant by Christopher Russell

Every now and again, you just need to sink your teeth into an epic story. And when that epic story comes with an equally epic sequel? Well, there go my weekend plans! I was really excited, therefore, to read Christopher Russel’s Divinity’s Twilight: Remnant, the sequel to the first book, where everything goes from oh my, to ohmygoodnesswhatjusthappened.

1. Thoughts on the plot

As with book one, there’s a great deal going on in this book. This book primarily focuses on the aftermath of the fall of Darmatia. There are a few people who find the Rebellion, there’s the schemes of the Sarconian emperor, and the plans of other ancient forces finally being brought to fruition. I would go into more detail, but honestly there’s a massive amount going on in this book. I enjoyed the plot a fair bit, especially given that itw as a sequel. Oftentimes, sequels can fall flat, as they require a bit of extra plot to fill in the gaps between the first book and the dramatic next book. In this case, there was a bit more of a focus on character development than in book one, but the plot did not feel flat in any way at all. And towards the end, it got very dramatic indeed!

2. Thoughts on the characters

This book focused a great deal more on character development as the catalyst for the story than book one, which, frankly, I did not mind at all. I think this focus worked fairly well, especially given how, ah, unlikeable certain characters were in book one (coughVallencough). I think that the focus on character worked especially well because it was used in conjunction with plot, not as replacement for plot. 

I will say that the only part of this book that didn’t flow as smoothly as the other parts was the reconciliation of Major Reev and Colonel Holcome. It made sense up to a certain point, but the final situation, at least on Reev’s part, felt a little too fast. 

3. Favourite part

Renar and his art. Very cool!

4. Critique

To be honest, there’s not a great deal for me to critique in this book, except that one thing mentioned in section 2. Otherwise, mostly, I’m just waiting for Vallen to continue with his improvement. Maybe by the end of book three, I’ll actually like him as a person instead of just liking him as a character.

Overall, I would say that Remnant is a great sequel to a great first book, and I cannot wait for the epic story to continue. Also, I have theories that I need confirmed!