Author Interview: Peter Servidio

Peter Servidio

We’ll skip the “tell us about yourself” because coming up with something on the spot is, truly, the bane of an author’s existence. So, let’s start with something a little easier! Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.*

Book 1 of a new apocalyptic series titled “The Deliverence”

In as much detail as you would like, tell me about your book(s) that are already out/on the way.*

I am fairly new as an formal author, but have been writing my whole life. I currently have a four book, post-apocalyptic series out called Earth Has Fallen, and it has one supplemental short story talking about the main character’s upbringing. I am looking to have 4 or 5 more short stories covering the other important characters.

Along with this I am currently writing a new apocalyptic series called Agents of Tomorrow which centers on an ex-con and his friends 12 year old daughter who find themselves depending on one another to survive in a rapidly devolving world.

Aside from these two series, I have a couple of other dystopian books that are currently stand alone, but who knows, they may evolve. The stand alone books are: The Chimera Project (focus on a dystopian world of psionic people), Chain of Events (focus on how many lives Intertwined in a Tarantino type storytelling), and Souls to Keep (focus on a man who makes a deal with a demon and the unfortunate consequences).

Also I dabble in educational guides and children books at times as well.

As far as the writing process goes—including such things as conception of idea all the way through to money in the bank—what is the least favourite bit? (Everyone has one!)*

Editing. In my mind when I write, my story is perfect. Of course my mind is not always right. Alas, editing shows me my many mistakes 🙂

Conversely, what is the bit of the writing process that gets your writery brain grinning?*

When I get a thought for a new book. It doesn’t matter if I am driving, at my day job, or sleeping. It always lights up my day.

If you could steal any author’s ability to improve your own work, who would you steal from and why? (e.g. Tolkien’s language skills, Douglas Adams’ humour, etc.)*

It’s funny you mention Tolkien as he is one of my favorite writers. But I would not want to steal his language, rather I would love to have his ability to create whole nations, while worlds which seamlessly fit together. He was well before his time.

Now for some fun! The main character of the book you’re working on (or have recently finished) has kidnapped you for ruining their life. How will you explain that what you’re doing is for the best?

That’s a tough one. In my current book, The Deliverance, I would have to try and outwit Joshua and show him that it is because of me he has a life to ruin. Now if we are talking about Loreto Ricker from Return from Darkness of my earth Has Fallen series, I believe we could have more of a father/son type conversation.

You, your main character(s), and the protagonist of the last book you read are playing poker. What are the stakes? Who will win and why?

While the last book I read was Stephen King’s The Stand, so I would say with God and Satan sitting at the table, the odds would be the souls of the world.

Let’s face it, writing is hard. What do you think are some traps to avoid in your particular area of expertise? (Whether that be your genre, your knowledge of plot, your character building, your world building, etc.)*

I think it can be easy to think that our story is never truly finished. One more word here, or just another thought there. At some point, we have to accept the fact that the story is complete and let it live.

Anything else you’d like to add? Plots to take over the world, for example. Upcoming release dates, links and things, maybe even your favourite chocolate cake recipe.

Plots to take over the world, you say? With a wife and three daughters, not to mention a couple of cats and a dog, I am just trying to keep my house afloat:-). If any of your readers would like to follow me, they can visit my webpage and sign up for my monthly newsletter to keep abreast of what I and many other authors are doing at: