Book Review: These Gossamer Strings by Allegra Pescatore

Every time I read one of Allegra Pescatore’s books, I get far too involved and start freaking out whenever the world goes sideways for the characters. Which, to be fair, is often. These Gossamer Strings was no exception.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This is the third book in The Last Gift series, and if you have not read books one and two, you will be mightily confused. However, if you have read books one and two, be prepared for the reuniting of certain characters, the return of Elenor the cunning and awesome main character, and a whole pile of intrigue and intricacy. There really is no good way for me to describe the plot simply, as it is a highly involved set of events that rely on such marvellous details of character interaction to advance the story. It’s like slowly zooming out on a wall-sized tapestry, where you start with one thread and slowly, slowly, add more until you see the final picture. And that final picture? It’s a battle scene. With magic.

Anyways, the plot was fantastic. I was never lost or confused and I loved seeing plot lines and threads from earlier books tied up neatly, if with flair.

2. Thoughts on the characters

This book, I think, is where the characters really get to shine. In books one and two, there was a bit of floundering for information as the characters tried to come to terms with their new realities. In this book, they still lacked certain information, but the characters—all of them, frankly—decided that they were going to do something about the situation regardless. And the effects were stunning.

Elenor really managed to shine in this book, and Gabriel did as well. I really loved them taking charge and stealing the show.

3. Favourite part

The basement cult! The really creepy basement cult! 

4. Critique

I don’t really have a critique for this book. The prose was fantastic, the story was decidedly fascinating, the characters made me smile (or not, depending on the situation), and the mock dragon won the day. My only real problem is that I don’t know when the next book will be available!

Overall, I would say that These Gossamer Strings was an absolutely exceptional third book to a series that I will probably read over and over again.