Book Review: You’re Not Alone by Kelly Blanchard

Book 8 of the Chronicles of Lorrek!

1. Thoughts on the plot

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into the plot of this book. There are a lot of threads that need tying from previous books, but this book almost kept adding new threads for the characters to follow. It turns out, a lot of these new threads are just explanations for previous events; you learn this about halfway through the book. Up until that point, though, this feels very much like an entirely new adventure with the same characters. Good, but not quite what I had imagined for the 8th book in a series. Still, once everything started coming together I liked it quite a lot.

2. Thoughts on the characters

There’s a lot of soul-seeking from the main characters in this book. Some of it was done well, especially on the part of Lorrek and the people who are *finally* seeing him for what he is. I liked that quite a lot. I do think the twist at the end, involving him and his bloodline was a little…abrupt, but I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say it was contrived. 

Vixen, on the other hand, bothered me. Throughout the series, she has been one of my favourite characters. In this book, though, she seemed to just be a really negative, almost toxic person in how she treats everyone around her. I get that it comes from certain traumas, and that she’s working through some things, but she really doesn’t treat people very well, even when they’re nice to her.

3. Favourite part

About the halfway point, things started to come together, bringing a whole pile of events from the first part of the series into this part of the series. I liked it quite a lot.

4. Critique

Most of my critique were just the plot seeming almost unrelated to the rest of the books, but that was resolved at about the halfway point. The rest of my critique is that Vixen’s character development went a bit…sideways, I think.

Overall, I would say that You’re Not Alone is a good penultimate book in the Chronicles of Lorrek, and that book 9 promises to be very dramatic indeed.