Book Review: Find Me If You Can by Kelly Blanchard

The closer we get to the conclusion of the nine book Chronicles of Lorrek series, the more ties and dramatic scenarios appear. Find Me If You Can, book seven, by Kelly Blanchard is no exception.

1. Thoughts on the plot

Back from their excursions of viewing the past, Lorrek and Radella are finally on their mission to find other World Orbs and avoid the Thymord Order. But to do that, they must not be seen by the massive AI that the Order has, which means finding its creator. Only, they’re not the only ones looking.

The plot from this book felt a little like a combination of Star Trek, Jules Verne and that movie where there’s the one day you can do whatever you want with no consequences (I don’t remember the name and am too lazy to Google it). Only, there’s magic. And mayhem. It was definitely dramatic and brought together a lot of different threads, but it also added some new dimensions. An interested plot.

2. Thoughts on the characters

It was nice to see the familiar characters back from the past, as well as some I recognise from the Hand of Sorrow series (coughcough) who proved to be quite as dramatic as I expected. I like all the interactions with these characters and think that the new ones added a nice freshness on the story. 

I will say that some of Vixen’s developments in this book felt a little sudden, despite being built upon this whole series, but that could just be that it’s been a while since I’ve seen her.

3. Favourite part

I have a fondness for hyper intelligent AIs 🙂

4. Critique

I like the new dimensions that each book adds to the series, but I will say that after a while, it does become a little difficult to hold each of the threads together. I have grown a little accustomed to tossing the single-story threads away after each book, but there are many elements I am not sure about with this particular story.

Overall, I would say that book seven is definitely building towards more drama and excitement, and it was a great adventure.