Book Review: Disrupting Destiny by Jan Foster

It’s been a while since I’ve read an historical fantasy, let alone one with romantic elements. I’m not talking about a fantasy that takes place in a medieval-style world, but one that takes place in our world, only…earlier. In the case of Disrupting Destiny by Jan Foster, I got to read exactly that, and it was quite the adventure.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book follows Annabella and Joshua, Fae who are hiding out amongst humans in the world of Tudor England. They have to be careful not to feed their need for Lifeforce too often, and to hide their magical selves from the wary humans. But when someone learns of their secret, Annabella is kidnapped and Joshua starts out on a journey to find her again. 

I was not expecting a plot this rich from this book. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I expected a quick, romantic adventure. Yes, there was romance, yes there was adventure, but there were so many fantastic twists and turns and unexpected delights that I got sucked in quite thoroughly. I really enjoyed the historical element and the different things that Annabella and Joshua had to go through to reunite with one another. 

2. Thoughts on the characters

The characters, I think, were some of the best part of this book. They were so varied in their personalities and each struggled with their own demons. It was fascinating to see how they worked together (or not) to reach their goals. Very well crafted.

3. Favourite part

The characters were definitely my favourite. I think Joshua takes the cake on best overall, but Annabella has spunk, which I love.

4. Critique

My only real critique for this book has very little to do with the book itself and more to do with my own memory. I couldn’t quite recall, as the story went on, if the wings were described as avian or insectoid, and for some reason I kept tripping over that detail as I tried to picture the story. A tiny, tiny detail, and all to do with my own memory. 

Overall, I would say that Disrupting Destiny was an excellent book, with rich history, well crafted characters and a plot that sucks you in.