Author Interview: Jeffrey Kippel

Jeffrey Kippel
1. We’ll skip the “tell us about yourself” because coming up with something on the spot is, truly, the bane of an author’s existence. So, let’s start with something a little easier! Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.

Right now I have begun writing book 2 in The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand series: Godfried’s Turn. While doing that I am also an Ambassador for the RethinkFIT Initiative. It’s mission is to empower and help people love better how they think, feel, act, look and dream. I also coach and mentor individuals who are driven to achieve their potential and enhance their life.
2. In as much detail as you would like, tell me about your book(s) that are already out/on the way.

Well my book provides an escape from it all with a comedy… well a laugh out loud sci-fi comedy book & audibook 😉 It’s called The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand and it’s a true case of humour, escapism and an anything goes kinda of trip to another world. It’s also about self discovery and growth with a bunch of laugh out loud moments in between. It is a blend of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Family Guy, with some Star Wars thrown in 🙂
3. As far as the writing process goes—including such things as conception of idea all the way through to money in the bank—what is the least favourite bit? (Everyone has one!)
editing! yuk!!!!
4. Conversely, what is the bit of the writing process that gets your writery brain grinning?
the creativity… making stuff up that is fun, funny and expands the imagination…
5. If you could steal any author’s ability to improve your own work, who would you steal from and why? (e.g. Tolkien’s language skills, Douglas Adams’ humour, etc.)
Douglas Adams’s humour… and some of Stephen King’s “hook” abilities….
6. Now for some fun! The main character of the book you’re working on (or have recently finished) has kidnapped you for ruining their life. How will you explain that what you’re doing is for the best?

Well this kind of thing sort of happened in the book, as the characters did all get together and go on strike as they didn’t like that path I took with them. So they did kinda kidnap me and the story… I gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse lol and let them know how famous they were going to be and the extra “gifts” I would give them to enjoy!
7. You, your main character(s), and the protagonist of the last book you read are playing poker. What are the stakes? Who will win and why?
Well Godfried will surely win! He is holding all the cards… I think. The stakes are the future existence of time, space, the universe and all that is! 🙂
8. Let’s face it, writing is hard. What do you think are some traps to avoid in your particular area of expertise? (Whether that be your genre, your knowledge of plot, your character building, your world building, etc.)

Let the words flow… sometimes thinking gets in the way and that can interrupt the entire creative process… so thinking, that is the trap!
9. Anything else you’d like to add? Plots to take over the world, for example. Upcoming release dates, links and things, maybe even your favourite chocolate cake recipe.

I love hearing other people laugh when they read what I wrote. My goal is to donate as many books as I can to libraries, schools, hospitals, community centres and partner organizations so that those who really need to laugh, to get away from any sadness, stress, depression, etc they may be experiencing. Also as an ambassador for rethinkFIT I have layered the book with empowerment messages so my goal is to get people to change the way they look at things , one of my favourite quotes: “ when you change the way you look at things, the thinks you look at change” 🙂

my website is: and on it there is a sneak peak of both the book and audiobook. The audiobook is awesome, the voice actor beat out almost 100 others in the auditions, and it takes the story to a whole new level!