Book Review: You Left Me No Choice by Kelly Blanchard

You Left Me No Choice is the fifth instalment of the Chronicles of Lorrek series by Kelly Blanchard, and my goodness does the drama increase.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book takes place about a thousand years before the previous book, depicting events surrounding the kelliphs, dragons and the Thymord Order. In this book, Rykeldan, the kelliph king, is searching for his soulbound, Therina, who rejected him after he broke the Dragon prophecy. His search is violent and encompassing humans and dragons alike, leaving little choice but to fight back. But how to kill a being who cannot be killed?

The plot for this book is generally outlined in some of the previous book by characters who reference these events, but is much, much more detailed. The plot involves ag reat number of political entities and personal vendettas, each one somehow working together to solve the biggest problem: Rykeldan. I found the plot very interesting, and it explained a great deal about this particular origin story.

2. Thoughts on the characters

While some characters, like Rykeldan, Therina and a few others were central to the story and familiar from previous books, there were also a very large number of other characters. In general with these books, I find that the characters really make the story, and this book was no exception. However, there were a lot of characters to keep track of and I found myself getting a little lost at times. While I appreciate a well woven story with many details, the number of characters here seemed a little too overwhelming for keeping the story straight.

3. Favourite part

The dramatic scene near the end with the dragons and two kelliphs. I can say no more than that because of spoilers, but my goodness! The drama! Very exciting.

4. Critique

As mentioned above, the number of characters in this book was a little difficult to follow. Otherwise, I really did enjoy it.

Overall, I would say that book five of the Chronicles of Lorrek series is another great instalment of an adventure that encompasses races and worlds, magic and technology, and all the things in between.