Book Review: Do You Trust Me? by Kelly Blanchard

Book 4 in the Chronicles of Lorrek!

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book goes back in time, to a point in Lorrek’s past where a) he fell in love, and b) where certain events started taht would change his entire future. I’d get more detailed, but, you know, spoilers. 

The plot of this book was very interesting indeed because it explores a point before the first three books, where Lorrek is already the super-powerful sorcerer prince to Cuskelom, his fingers in so many pies that you can’t quite count. This book was not that. Here, he is still in training to Countess Verdrra, and he has to deal with a new student, Eldrila, whose presence is meant to shake things up. Well, they certainly do that! Assassinations, political schemings, and Lorrek’s brothers being terrible. Such fun.

2. Thoughts on the characters

The characters in this book were mostly familiar, but since these events happen before the first three books, we get to see a different side to the characters. They are younger, certainly, but also have fewer dimensions than they do in the first arc, which is fascinating. Rarely do I get to read characters devolve (okay, that sounds terrible, but it’s not really) to a point where situations start off something new. Yes, prequels are common, but they don’t often happen to this extent. Very nice.

3. Favourite part

Trying to evade the future. Ah, whoops! 

4. Critique

I haven’t really got a critique for this book, except to say that my goodness, Lorrek’s brothers were really, really terrible people before book one! I wanted to smack them over the head more than once. Not a critique on the story, just a note from a reader. 🙂

Overall, I would say that book four starts off a really great arc in this series and I am super excited to keep going. Excellent book!