Book Review: The Vargarian Sire by Katharine E Wibell

After the intensity of The Twelve Tasks, book one of the Djed Chronicles by Katharine E Wibell, I was not entirely sure what to expect with book two, The Vargarian Sire. It somehow managed to be everything that book one was, and more.

1. Thoughts on the plot

This book picks up one year after Katie was sent back to Earth, having completed the twelve tasks that proved her to be the Djed, saviour of the twelve worlds and defender against the darkness. She is pulled back to Wect in time to solve a mystery that is killing worlds and brining monsters through gateways where they should not be. During this struggle, Katie encounters her old friends, Ike, Sar’ra, and Gullfaxi. She also meets some new friends, and new enemies.

The plot for this book was just as intricate as book one, with each action Katie made leading into something significant that has the possibility of changing the fate of the twelve worlds. I like the intricacy, but there was also a little lack of direction that the first book had. This time, there were no set tasks to fulfil, but a mystery that must be solved. This was perfectly fine, but I felt like I was meant to be reading something a little more structured after book one. Still, I enjoyed the plot!

2. Thoughts on the characters

The characters in this book were mostly familiar, with Katie as our hero and her friends as loyal assistants. There were a few new faces, though, which I think added spice to the story. I will say I still don’t like Sar’ra—she feels a little too spiteful for someone who is meant to be a friend to Katie. Also, Thomas was just a bit too rude to be someone I like as well, despite his significance to the plot.

3. Favourite part

Fenrir! I shall say no more because of spoilers.

4. Critique

Mostly, my critique is that Sar’ra and Thomas were both meant to be characters helping Katie along and yet were not very fun to read. They just had a bit too much attitude and were putting Katie down a bit too much for me to enjoy.

Overall, I would say that The Vargarian Sire was a great second book to a series that looks as though it will have great promise.