Author Interview: Dave Welch

Dave Temperance Welch. Everybody calls me Dave. Or Supa…

1. We’ll skip the “tell us about yourself” because coming up with something on the spot is, truly, the bane of an author’s existence. So, let’s start with something a little easier! Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.

I’m currently working on getting all these novels prepared for release. And I’m also working on some new digital art for the MOS facebook fans.

2. In as much detail as you would like, tell me about your book(s) that are already out/on the way.

These novels are… I’d like to say that they are ground breaking but, a lot of novels are ground breaking. My approach to ground breaking is a little left field here. The Evolving Crane series is designed to speak to our times. They are a mix of Star Wars, Belly, LGBT, Religion, Mortal Kombat, General Hospital and Tombstone all wrapped up into one.

3. As far as the writing process goes—including such things as conception of idea all the way through to money in the bank—what is the least favourite bit? (Everyone has one!)

I’d say the money in the bank, part. I’m really not concerned with that. I just want to tell a good story on the way to the bank.

4. Conversely, what is the bit of the writing process that gets your writery brain grinning?

The Rough draft! Awww man! The Rough Draft does it for me everytime.

5. If you could steal any author’s ability to improve your own work, who would you steal from and why? (e.g. Tolkien’s language skills, Douglas Adams’ humour, etc.)

Honestly I wouldn’t. I’m happy those guys have a style. I dont copy-cat. Even if I could.

6. Now for some fun! The main character of the book you’re working on (or have recently finished) has kidnapped you for ruining their life. How will you explain that what you’re doing is for the best?

Ha! That’s crazy.

First, I’d beg them to untie me. Then I’d convince them to let me take them out for dinner. Afterwhich, we’d go back home and they’ll pass out as soon as we walk into the house cause I put some visine in their wine. When they wake up, tied to a treadmill, me and the antagonist will be playing Mario Kart. I’ll turn the treadmill on and everytime I lose in Mario Kart, I’ll increase the speed on the treadmill. The whole time I’ll explain to them both that the decisions that I made were because of the Carbon Event and to increase sales and the likelihood of you guys getting your own tv show I had to drag you both through the mud. After I finally win in Mario Kart, I will release the main character and we’ll all go out for ice cream.

7. You, your main character(s), and the protagonist of the last book you read are playing poker. What are the stakes? Who will win and why?

My mom’s house is on the line. I suck at poker and I think the protagonist of the last book I read was Jesus soooo….

8. Let’s face it, writing is hard. What do you think are some traps to avoid in your particular area of expertise? (Whether that be your genre, your knowledge of plot, your character building, your world building, etc.)

The main trap is distraction. Cause once you get in that writing zone, everything flows. I’d say avoid those distractions and let your creativity run wild.

9. Anything else you’d like to add? Plots to take over the world, for example. Upcoming release dates, links and things, maybe even your favourite chocolate cake recipe.

The Singularity is real, hence the Xaris takeover. I pushed my release dates back to generate more of a buzz.

Look out for Evolving Crane on Amazon.

Book One Evolivng Crane launches August the 31st. Book 2 and 3 follow consecutively a month after each other.

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