Author Interview: Anthony Tonelli

Anthony Tonelli

We’ll skip the “tell us about yourself” because coming up with something on the spot is, truly, the bane of an author’s existence. So, let’s start with something a little easier! Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.
I am currently working on “Republica” which is book 2 of The Dominion Series as well as doing the publicity work for “Legacy” which is Book 1 and just came out on April 13th.

In as much detail as you would like, tell me about your book(s) that are already out/on the way.

Legacy is a story that takes place in 2 time periods. Part of the story takes place during the Revolutionary War in New York City.  The other part takes place in 2275, also in New York City.  The central character is named Cleon Strong who is sent back in time to ensure that the colonists win the war.  He has a huge secret that he reveals to the Founding Fathers early in the story and makes them trust him.  When the machine that sent him and his associate there malfunctions, it threatens to leave them stranded in time.  The team in 2275 works furiously to bring them back and in the process uncover a plot to bring the whole organization down.

As far as the writing process goes—including such things as conception of idea all the way through to money in the bank—what is the least favourite bit? (Everyone has one!)

Conversely, what is the bit of the writing process that gets your writery brain grinning?
Getting that spark for an idea.  I have done 5,000-word sessions where I just wrote straight through because the ideas kept coming in.  Those are the best writing days and eventually the worst editing days because you write so fast that you make a lot of grammatical errors.

If you could steal any author’s ability to improve your own work, who would you steal from and why? (e.g. Tolkien’s language skills, Douglas Adams’ humour, etc.)
Serling’s irony.  It made The Twilight Zone awesome

Now for some fun! The main character of the book you’re working on (or have recently finished) has kidnapped you for ruining their life. How will you explain that what you’re doing is for the best?
In Legacy I started the story of Marcus but in Republica, his arc takes centre stage. I have put him in a tough spot so if he kidnaps me I would try to convince him that in the end he will be grateful because of the lessons he learns.

You, your main character(s), and the protagonist of the last book you read are playing poker. What are the stakes? Who will win and why?
I’m not sure what the stakes would be but I would bet on Annabelle or Raymond Prince winning.  I feel that great spies can make great poker players because they can act so well.

Let’s face it, writing is hard. What do you think are some traps to avoid in your particular area of expertise? (Whether that be your genre, your knowledge of plot, your character building, your world building, etc.)
Trying to get it perfect initially.  Sometimes you need to rewrite some things.  In my case, my wife was my editor.  She isn’t a sci-fi geek per se, so she read it as someone outside the genre and gave me some ideas that made it stronger when I rewrote the section(s). Also, be thick skinned.  If someone else reads it and says something negative about your story, it isn’t the end of the world.  Some is constructive feedback some is not.  Use what improves your story and discard the rest.

Anything else you’d like to add? Plots to take over the world, for example. Upcoming release dates, links and things, maybe even your favourite chocolate cake recipe.

Website: (my blog is on there)
Facebook: A World of His Own
IG: anthonytonelliauthor

Legacy came out on April 13th
Legado (Spanish Version) comes out on April 20th
Republica is tentatively scheduled for August 17th release
All available on Amazon Kindle
Favorite chocolate cake recipe: none.  I love them all! LOL