Author Interview: Brand J. Alexander

Brand J. Alexander

  1. We’ll skip the “tell us about yourself” because coming up with something on the spot is, truly, the bane of an author’s existence. So, let’s start with something a little easier! Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.

I am currently in between two projects. I am writing book 3 of my Tears of Hatsunae series, Tears of the Fallen. My main focus for 2021 is to complete it by this year. But in between writing sessions, I am prepping book 2 of my Guardians of the Tide series, Call of the Rising Deep, to hopefully publish by this summer.

  1. In as much detail as you would like, tell me about your book(s) that are already out/on the way.

I have three separate series available currently, with a few instalments on the way.

Tears of Hatsunae is my debut epic fantasy series and the literal genesis of my fantasy universe. The first two books are currently available with a third in the works.

Book 1 Rise of Tears

Asahn thought he knew what to expect when he came of age among his people, the Kahn Shogal. As heir to the tribe’s chieftain, his new status of manhood granted him greater authority and standing, and he was anxious to accept his place. However, Asahn is about to discover that not even his father is prepared for the hardship and challenges his people will face.

The world of Elerea is dying, and the secrets of his tribe’s history may be the key. But those secrets have attracted a new threat. A rising religion seeks the blood of the Kahn Shogal, forcing Asahn’s people to flee into the withering harshness of their homeland. Pursued by enemy forces and struggling against a land coming undone, Asahn must learn to be the leader his people need. For the stubborn pride of his father may doom them all before they ever have a chance to challenge the threats aligned against them.

Book 2 Fall of Tears

Fall of Tears picks up right where Rise leaves off. After the clash between father and son, Asahn must leave the safety of his tribe to seek answers to the threats facing his people. With a small band of allies, he travels behind enemy lines into the city of his people’s ancient rivals in search of the truth behind the dying world and the Order of Light that is hunting the Kahn Shogal.

Every ten years the clans of Kahn Shogal gather in a sacred place for the Daharra, and Asahn must race against time to find answers and return to his people before the Order finds them first. But the answers he learns and the salvation he finds may be too great for him to accept. For the power required to save them may be the power that will destroy them all.

Book 3 Tears of the Fallen is in the works.

Guardians of the Tide is my Fantasy Novella series which explores the grand adventure of a young man becoming a hero over the course of his life by focusing on the individual struggles that led him there with each new tale. The first book Moonrise’s Call is currently available for purchase, and book 2, Call of the Rising Deep, is set for release this summer.

Moonrise’s Call introduces a young man named Aust, struggling to survive and protect a small band of orphans in a world gone mad. Nix is a world completely covered by oceans and beholden to the erratic forces of its three roving moons. Massive waves called Moontides follow in the moons’ wakes, devastating all attempts at civilization and erasing the history of a better world that once existed.

As a darkness stirs within the deep, and the moons’ destruction grows, the world of Nix will cry out for champions. And as they have for generations, the Guardians of the Tide will heed the call. Perhaps, a young orphan name Aust will as well.

Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins is my first completed series, although it is one that does not take place within my literary universe. I am a Halloween fanatic, and every year I design and construct a yard haunt for my community called Ravenfell Manor. Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins is a dark fantasy series of short story and novella length tales that follow the origins of the Ravenfell family and the manor that bears their name.

Book 1, The Peculiar Raven, tells the tale of how a curious raven peered too closely beyond the veil and was changed forever by the secrets he found there. His experience will transform him into a being known as the Raven King, the founder of the Ravenfell line.

Book 2, The Raven’s Fel, picks up in the aftermath of the Raven King’s transformation and the consequences of the bargain that granted him such power. His attempts to keep his side of the bargain will threaten the worlds on both sides of the veil and nearly destroy the wall that divides them. The Raven King’s efforts to remedy his mistake will bind him forever to the humans he despises and found the line of Ravenfells with their pact.

Book 3, The Rise of a Matriarch, is a stand-alone tale that introduces a character destined to join the line of Ravenfell, but first, she must embrace the darkness within her and the power it promises. Katerina is a young disciple of a fading religious order. As civilization wars against the forces of magic in an effort to exterminate them, Katerina’s people struggle to protect the fragments that remain. But their struggle is about to come to a violent bloody end. Only by turning from her people’s teachings can Katerina hope to save what remains of their work but doing so will forever change her fate.

Book 4, The Dark Heart of Ravenfell, is the culmination of all the tales that came before. The Raven King’s pact with the Ravenfells created a weakness in the veil that divides the worlds of life and death, and a few ancient spirits, resentful of their banishment to one side, plot to use that vulnerability to unmake the veil and merge the two sides. A Ravenfell child, born within the world of death, may be the key to it all. But whether he is the force that will destroy the veil or its only salvation is uncertain.

Once more the Raven King will be called to join with the bloodline of the Ravenfells to protect the barrier between worlds.

  1. As far as the writing process goes—including such things as conception of idea all the way through to money in the bank—what is the least favourite bit? (Everyone has one!)

My least favourite part would definitely be all the work that goes into prepping for publishing. I love building the worlds and writing the stories. But once I start editing, designing the cover, and planning promotions, the work becomes a lot less enjoyable. I live on a very fixed income, so I end up doing most of that work on my own. Unfortunately, that takes a lot of time away that I could be using to write new stories.

  1. Conversely, what is the bit of the writing process that gets your writery brain grinning?

I love the worldbuilding. I have notebooks filled with notes that will never even make it into stories, but it helps to flesh out my worlds and the people and cultures that exist there. I have numerous worlds designed just waiting for me to write the adventures that take place there.

5. If you could steal any author’s ability to improve your own work, who would you steal from and why? (e.g. Tolkien’s language skills, Douglas Adams’ humour, etc.)

I love the suggestion of Douglas Adams’ humor. Although, I don’t write a lot of funny stories. For me I think it would be Robert Jordan’s ability to create distinct identifiable cultures. In the Wheel of Time series, he fleshed out the people of the different lands so well that their descriptions and personalities often identified where they were from well before it was actually mentioned. I hope to one day create worlds so defined that readers can claim the same familiarity with the people.

6. Now for some fun! The main character of the book you’re working on (or have recently finished) has kidnapped you for ruining their life. How will you explain that what you’re doing is for the best?

Above all else, Asahn does what he thinks is best for his people, even at his own expense. I truly believe if I imparted the danger and darkness that is coming for them and the fact that their only hope resides in him accepting the power that he fears, he would choose to do the right thing. Now he may wish to still seek a bit of revenge for everything I have put him through, and some of it is understandable. Revenge is an emotion he will be struggling quite a bit with in the next 2 books. And he hasn’t yet dealt with that darkness within him, so it could be touch and go for a bit.

7. You, your main character(s), and the protagonist of the last book you read are playing poker. What are the stakes? Who will win and why?

Wow, that is a difficult one. The protagonist from the last book I read would have to be Kaladin from The Way of Kings. I can’t really think of him as a gambler, although I assume that he would be wagering to save his men and gain their freedom.

I can only imagine that my own main characters would be wagering for control of their own fates. But I decide those. As the god of their universe, I have final say, so they lose no matter what cards they play. ‘

But in the end, Durn would likely win, no matter what I do. He is way too smart and good at reading people to be outmatched, even by the god that created him.

8. Let’s face it, writing is hard. What do you think are some traps to avoid in your particular area of expertise? (Whether that be your genre, your knowledge of plot, your character building, your world building, etc.)

I definitely think that I can get lost in the world building at times. I am an old school fantasy fan and am deeply attached to those styles. I tend to fall heavily into those older methods and avoid some of the newer styles of fantasy. That is something I am trying to work on.

9. Anything else you’d like to add? Plots to take over the world, for example. Upcoming release dates, links and things, maybe even your favourite chocolate cake recipe.

Definitely a few plots to take over the world. Just as soon as I finish this next book. And maybe the next one too.

This year’s goal for me is to increase my interactions with readers and fans, so I am really hoping to build my social media presence. I imagine the best thing to share would be all my links.

You can find all my currently published work on my Amazon author page.

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