Book Review: A Child Shall Lead by Eric Nierstedt

A Child Shall Lead: A Pantheon Tale by [Eric Nierstedt]

Now, here’s the thing. I’m a bit of a Christmas curmudgeon. I like the holiday as it is meant to be, but the commercialism, the songs (oh, stars, the songs), the expectations of familial harmony and all that stuff gets on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe. Far better to just celebrate quietly and ignore the rest of the world. So when I was asked to read Eric Nierstedt’s A Child Shall Lead, his Silent Pantheon Christmas story, I said yes, but didn’t expect to enjoy it as a Christmas story, but rather as a continuation of one of his books.



I actually enjoyed it for both reasons.

This book is a short story featuring Anubis and the Christmas holiday traditions. If you’re not familiar with the Silent Pantheon books, there’s no big deal, except you might be a little confused on some of the smaller details. In essence, Anubis is, as he does every Christmas, staying home while the others of his godly friend group celebrate their revels together. His plans are interrupted, though, when a child shows up in his home, chased by the dark Germanic counterpart to Santa: the Krampus.

I shan’t say any more than that, because I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun, but this book was definitely worth reading. It was entertaining, had all of the good writing that I expect from this series, and even managed to produce some of the warm Christmas fuzzies that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. Also, there was Krampus, which is just fun in of itself. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest Google. Really, it’s fascinating.)

So if you’re interested in a short read that has a bit of adventure, a collection of gods in the modern world, some magic, and a bit of self-discovery, this one is worth a read. Even if, like me, you think that all but a few Christmas songs can go step into the sun.