Book Review: Salem Moon by Kristin Bapst

Salem Moon (The Six of Salem Book 2)

Salem Moon is the second book in the Six of Salem series by Kristin Bapst, an urban fantasy that combines several different mythologies into something both familiar and unique. Being the second book in a series, I was already familiar with the characters and the story that came before. That did not change the fact that this book managed to create an immersive world for these characters and their struggles.

1. Thoughts on the plot

As a continuation of the series, Salem Moon explores the coven (the Six of Salem) and their continuing battle against evil. This book focuses on Rose, the youngest, and her growth into new powers and into adulthood. There are also discussions of relationships—healthy and unhealthy—and an exploration of self. As far as the plot goes, I think everything fit together really well. The characters were drawn from event to event both by their own volition and choices, and by the overwhelming momentum of the events themselves. I would say that there were a fair number of scenes that I would have liked to see more of. For example, the various arguments felt truncated, and the training scenes felt too short. This is mostly to do with a lack of sensory description of the world around the characters, instead focusing on character interaction to move things along in the scene. Which is fine, but it felt a little too fast.

2. Thoughts on the main character

Rose is a perfect example of someone who is trying to figure out her place in the world. She is in university for an arts degree, trying to navigate loss—see book one—and the start of a new relationship. I think her character is expertly done; she feels real in her emotions. Her reactions ot things are realistic and relatable. Also, she’s got awesome powers, which is fun. I would say, again, that I want to see more of Rose’s development or personality through the way she reacts (non-verbally) to the world around her (something that comes from sensory description rather than dialogue or dialogue tags). Still, I like Rose a lot. Having read book one, I think that she is probably my favourite of all the characters.

3. Favourite part

The food. This has nothing to do with anything, but my goodness, the food described just sounds so good. I mean, yes, I liked all the other bits too, but seriously? The food. 

4. Critique

As previously stated, I think this book could do with a bit more narrative or sensory description. It doesn’t necessarily detract from the story to not have this—everything plays out really quite well—but I just want to explore the world a bit more. See more of what’s going on. It would add a little…je ne sais quoi to the book.

This series is one that I enjoyed a fair bit. I think the use of mythology is great, the characters are interesting, and the plot entertaining. If you are fond of magic, witches, battling against evil, and a little extra spark when people find their soulmates, then this is definitely a book for you. I would say that this book is good, and could be very good with just a little more exploration.