Welcome to The Quill and Pen Society

For many years, I have been enthralled with stories. I read everything I could get my hands on and then begged for more. I then put my love for stories to work and moved into the realm of linguistics. Following my post-graduate work at The University of Edinburgh, I decided that it was time to devote myself to words and writing and stories, once and for all.

Thus, I bring you The Quill and Pen Society. This is the place where I shall post book reviews and offer editing services. This is a place for writers to seek out information on language and story. This is a place for readers, looking for a book to sink into. This is a place for anyone with a fondness for words, for stories, for the magic of language.

For more information, please refer to my About page or my Editing Services page.


Evelyn Grimald Stone

If you would like a further list of book reviewers, I refer to you the awesome Kindlepreneur page!